Saturday, July 30, 2011

What a Week!

What a week it has been!

Saucony and FloTrack have paired together for a shoe design contest. I had to upload a blank template for the Kinvara 2 shoe, and I went with a Stars and Stripes theme. The winner of the contest will have his shoe made as a Limited Edition. My design was selected in the Top Ten, and the winner will be decided by which design gets the most Facebook "Likes." I am currently in third, but I feel that my design is exactly what America needs. Should I not win, I've got a feeling there may be some demand for Saucony to produce my shoe anyway!
Since May 20, I have had some trouble with my peroneal tendon. It's a tendon that runs from the side of the knee down to the ankle; because the area just above the ankle gets little blood flow, the healing process generally is a little longer.  A few weeks ago, I was running every other day, only 15 minutes at a time -- mind you, it still felt tight and sore during and after running. It has been progressing nicely, as I have gradually increased up to 40 minutes and it has been sore neither during nor after activity.  Two days ago, I started a two-days-on/one-day-off routine.  Even though it's not much, it is very exciting to be where I am!

Yesterday I helped some very dear friends move.  Ben and Heather Kampf closed on their very first house, so I helped them move from their apartment to their new home just 0.71 miles away. It was a blast helping them major issues, a very quick process, and the weather cooperated as temperatures seemed pretty mild.

More to come next time -- a new favorite song that could be a personal theme or testimony for any distance runner, and anything else that may come about this next week!

Stay posted!

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